Ben Sures / Hazel Grey

APRIL 26, 2024


Ben Sures

Ben Sures is a guitar player who tells great stories in song, and a natural performer with an instinct for humour and storytelling. He writes songs about everything from imaginary rayguns to sandwiches prepared for him by his father when he was a child. Sures is immersed in the history of roots music, the old traditions informing this contemporary songwriter’s music. His most recent album ‘The Story That Lived Here’ was number one for weeks on CKUA and was in the top ten of the Canadian college charts.

Ben Sures Website

Hazel Grey

Peter and Josanna Justine bonded over a love for good literature, strong coffee, a thirst for truth, and an insatiable desire to create and perform music. They began writing, performing and recording together, before relocating back to Calgary a few years ago. Their blended vocals, plus Pete’s guitar style and Josanna’s varied instrumentation, give Hazel Grey a strong palette with which to share their love of music and stories of life.

Hazel Grey Website

Sonia Deleo

The Rocky will be hosting several graduates of the WriteOn! Songwriting Experience this season. Each will perform a short “floor set” after our opening performance.

Calgary-based artist Sonia Deleo operates in a half pitch of musical grandiosity and sensitive poetics. Fusing folk, soul, and rock, her masterful vocals and full-hearted stories remain at the core of her work. Her debut solo record Love Notes To The Monsters arrived in late 2022, and was recently nominated for Folk Recording of The Year by the YYC Music Awards. Sonia is thrilled to be representing the WriteOn songwriting program and playing her songs for the first time at the Rocky Mountain Folk Club.

Sonia’s Website