Drowsy Maggies / Derick Perry

MARCH 21, 2025


Drowsy Maggies

Hailing from across the pond, now Calgary-based ‘The Drowsy Maggies’ are Emilie Kirwan, Nicola McLaughlin and Ciara Lane. Their performances include upbeat traditional Irish tunes as well as acoustic versions of some of Ireland’s most beloved folk classics. This trio of energetic and charming performers brings a deep knowledge of traditional Irish music and a unique ability to blend Irish music with more modern influences to put their own stamp on their tunes and folk songs.

Derick Perry

Derick was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and moved to Calgary in 1979. His Irish musical influences are Paul Brady, Andy Irvine and Planxty. He plays at Irish music sessions every week in some of the pubs in Calgary as backing guitarist for the melody instruments and singer.

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