Mercat Cross / Gan Ainm & Piper


Mercat Cross

The skirl o’ the pipes, the reek o’ the haggis and no doubt a Robbie Burns poem or two! Once again our Burns’ Night stage is graced by Calgary’s own Mercat Cross featuring Graham Tait, Chris Gregg, Rod Walsh and Lynne Dufresne.

Mercat Cross was formed in 2010, mainly as a result of a demand in Alberta for quality, live Scottish dance music for country dancing. The members of the band frequently perform for Scottish Country Dances and Contra Dances, but also perform a wider variety of music at numerous other events in communities throughout Alberta.

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Gan Ainm

Playing music from Ireland, England, Scotland and America, Gan Ainm are: Karen Pollock – flute, Katja Hoehn – flute, Kathleen Pepers – harp, Doug Baker – guitar, Chris Gregg – fiddle, mandolin and northumbrian small pipes, Michael Pollock – fiddle, and Derek Lofthouse – hurdy-gurdy, northumbrian small pipes, and flute.