Emily Triggs / Barry Luft

NOVEMBER 22, 2024


Emily Triggs

Emily shares stories through her songs with an endearing simplicity and emotional depth. With a pure and true vocal, complementing a solid base of undeniably roots music, she engages the listener. Her music grips the heart and elevates the soul. The songs are double-edged, unapologetic and unique in the folk/roots genre. Her new album The Great Escape has been receiving rave reviews.

Emily Triggs Website

Barry Luft

Barry engages his audiences and gives a healthy lift to minds, hearts and voices. Good times leave good memories! Much of Barry’s material is unusual and refreshing. It comes from sources across North America and the British Isles and is seldom known in the everyday music scene. For example, in his repertoire are songs learned first hand at guitar and music camps. A variety of instruments perks up Barry’s performances and his intricate style on the five-string banjo is his trademark.

Barry Luft Website