Celtara / Brian Volke



Celtara, known as a driving force on the prairie Celtic scene, draws influences from the far reaches of Ireland, Norway, Brittany, Scotland, Sweden and beyond into their uniquely identifiable Canadiana Celtic sound. Rich arrangements, full-bodied vocals and dazzling fiddle, guitar, flute, accordion, percussion and piano, have fused into spirited performances since 2005.

Bonnie Gregory, Andreas Illig, Tami Cooper, Steven Bell and Mark Arnison are pleased to share their third release, Seven Long Years.


Brian Volke

Music has always been at the core of Brian’s heart.  He’s been playing guitar since the age of nine and writing songs since Grade Six when he formed his first band in Regina, Saskatchewan. Fast forward to the early 90’s.  Brian and his friend Neil Slater teamed up to form Celtic Clutter. Together they made a self-titled EP which features the song “Dragons Fly”, a song that many consider to be one of Brian’s best.  He still performs it today.

He sings and writes songs that are varied and eclectic, reflecting the variety of styles and types of music that he has absorbed over the years: rockabilly, Celtic, rock, folk, folk-rock, Reggae and Island music, to name a few.