Celtara / Christie Simmons



Celtara, known as a driving force on the prairie Celtic scene, draws influences from the far reaches of Ireland, Norway, Brittany, Scotland, Sweden and beyond into their uniquely identifiable Canadiana Celtic sound. Rich arrangements, full-bodied vocals and dazzling fiddle, guitar, flute, accordion, percussion and piano, have fused into spirited performances since 2005.

Bonnie Gregory, Andreas Illig, Tami Cooper, Steven Bell and Mark Arnison are pleased to share their third release, Seven Long Years.


Christie Simmons

I’m Christie — a born-and-bred, Calgarian with 3 kids, 1 over-sized, over-hairy dog, a fine husband and a large, untamed and loving family (well, a lot of them love me!). I am lucky that music has always been my faithful companion. As a songwriter it’s my challenge and delight to write music that speaks to the joys of the mundane and the magical and to the soft underbelly of life. I have been raised among colourful characters, visual artists and writers who knit a lifeline with their words. They, and Alberta — this magnificent province I call home —permeate me and shape my songs.